Welcome to the 2nd International Pader-Athletics-Meeting 2019

On July 13, 2019, the second edition of the International Pader Athletics Meeting takes place in the Paderborn Ahorn-Sportpark.
In the disciplines 100 meters, 100 meters hurdles, 110 meters hurdles, 400 meters hurdles, 800 meters, 4 x 100 meters, long jump and triple jump exciting competitions are guaranteed.
Best times, standards and records are set to fall on the outstanding grounds of the Paderborn Ahorn-Sportpark. Optimal conditions are offered for this, since tail wind is guaranteed by a double lining of the sprint straight line and two fixed time measurements.
If weather is not in the best on the day of the event, the indoor area of ​​the Ahorn-Sportpark offers an optimal warm-up area.

In the top disciplines, there will also be an attractive premium distribution for podium finishes. Music and moderation, which lead through the competition, provide the right mood for the match.

The physical well-being of spectators and active people will not be neglected in the existing cafeteria. We would be very happy about numerous spectators, because the entrance is free as always!

Many thanks in advance to the sponsors PaderSprinter GmbH, Autohaus B&K, Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold and Lottmann GmbH & Co.KG for making this event possible. Our thanks also go to the other supporters PUMA SE, Ahorn-Sportpark GmbH and Bad Driburger Naturparkquellen GmbH & Co.KG.